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Welcome to, an award-winning website featuring a unique collection of advice, reviews, and travel photographs, all from "the people who have been there."  Our theory is that you shouldn't have to relearn the hard lessons other travelers have experienced.  And, you should be able to benefit from information and unique travel aids that will make your trip more enjoyable.   

This is not a "normal" travel website -- we'll tell you which side of a cruise ship gives you the best view in a particular port, how to beat the high cost of meals in tourist areas, and countless tips on packing and traveling.  Plus we have photos from some of our trips and our website's visitors' trips.  And links to some of the best travel resources the Internet has to offer.

We're primarily helping U.S. travelers with both American and international destinations.  But we welcome fellow travelers from around the world to stop in, take a breather from their hectic schedules, and pick up some useful information.

And for all of our visitors -- please share your comments, ideas, suggestions, your photos, and your own tips with us.  We'll pass them along.  Just click on "Contact Us" below, or send an e-mail to

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