Travel Tips for Gibbs Gardens, Georgia

Located a short drive north of Atlanta, Gibbs Gardens opened in March, 2012.  It's the work of Jim Gibbs, the retired President and founder of one of Atlanta's prestige landscape companies.  The gardens cover over 200 acres and feature 16 garden venues, with 24 ponds, 32 bridge crossings, and 19 waterfalls. 

Our Tips for Gibbs Gardens:

  1. One of our best impressions -- this is a very upscale, first class venue with a friendly staff and everything done just right.

  2. Gibbs Gardens are large, but walkable.  Wear comfortable shoes, carry some water in hot weather, and allow yourself to relax and enjoy.

  3. Even though they are fairly new, Gibbs Gardens have scored quite a bit of acclaim for their incredible

  4. There are two trams, both leaving the visitor's center.  One makes round trips to the Japanese Gardens, the other to the Manor House.  Take both, and walk back.  The tram to the Japanese Gardens gives you a view of the north end of the gardens as you ride along.  Most importantly, the tram to the Manor House takes you up a fairly steep hill that would be difficult to walk.  There is a nominal charge for the trams.

  5. When riding a tram, sit as close to the front as possible.  The tram roads at Gibbs Gardens are dirt, and riders in the back are subject to a lot of dust.

  6. Speaking of dust, both the entrance road to the property, and the parking lot surface, are dirt with gravel.  There is a lot of dust in these areas, and when we left the car driving behind us was enveloped in a cloud of dust all the way to the main road.  Try not to follow another car into the property or out of it. 

  7. There is very little direct sun anywhere in Gibbs Gardens.  Nearly all of the gardens are in shade or soft, diffused sunlight.  We didn't need sunglasses.

  8. Bring your camera, especially if you have family members with you.  There are many excellent backdrops for photos of your family.  Gibbs Gardens is a photographer's paradise.

  9. Consider a one year pass if you think you will visit Gibbs Gardens several times in a twelve month period.  You can purchase a day pass when you enter the gardens, and (if you are impressed) as you leave you can turn in your day pass for full credit against a one year pass.  We did.

  10. The  Arbor Cafe, next to the visitor center, has excellent sandwiches on bread that is baked fresh daily.  You buy your sandwich, drinks, cookies, etc. and then sit outdoors in the shade and eat lunch.  There are plenty of tables.  You can also take a sandwich with you as you leave the gardens. 

  11. The gift shop is also very nice, with a friendly staff.

  12. Consider extending your visit to Gibbs Gardens with a trip to Amicalola Falls -- more about that here.





Quick Travel Tips for Gibbs Gardens

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