Travel Tips for King's Wharf, Bermuda

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King's Wharf, Bermuda
King's Wharf is also known as the Royal Navy Dockyard, as it was a key naval base for Britain until 1957.  The docking facilities are now used by cruise ships, especially ships that are too large for the docks in Hamilton and St. Georges. 

Favorites in King's Wharf -- You should visit the Bermuda Maritime Museum, where you can swim with the dolphins!  Also check out the craft shops in Clocktower Mall, just across from where your ship will dock. Also, there is a very convenient beach just in back of the rock walls at the end of the end of the street with the palm trees, where you can rent water toys for the kids and swim for free.

He said -- Our least favorite Bermuda port (sorry, but it's true).  Not much to do here, compared to St. Georges and Hamilton.  Still, to put it in perspective, it does have great scenery.

She said -- Shopping here is very limited.  Husbands are going to like this place -- there isn't much to buy.

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Quick Travel Tips for Bermuda

Bermuda's currency is the Bermuda dollar.  The government has fixed the exchange rate as 1 to 1 with the American dollar. 
Bermuda's electricity is also the same as the U.S.  You can use all of your American appliances with no converters or adaptors in newer buildings.
Bermuda is in the Atlantic time zone, which is 1 hour later than U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
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