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Regardless of where you are staying, in order to see all of the sights in Bermuda you will need some form of transportation.  The number of automobiles is strictly regulated in Bermuda, due to the size of the country.  There are no car rental agencies, and as a visitor you are not permitted to operate an automobile.  You're left with the options of renting a moped (can be dangerous), taking a taxi, riding the bus, or booking a shore excursion/tour to see the sights.

The usual benefits of guided tours apply to Bermuda -- you have a knowledgeable guide who can really educate you on the sights you will see, and someone else will be doing the driving. 

If you decide to go the taxi route, Bermuda has a little twist that you won't normally find elsewhere.  Taxi drivers who have been certified as tour guides are allowed to display a blue flag on their car. 

Following are the shore excursions / tours we have taken, and our comments.  We've graded each shore excursion on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible value for your time and money.

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Hamilton Shore Excursions

  1. Aquarium, Caves, & Highlights -- The bus ride is entertaining, and you will get to see the area around Hamilton and hear about the history of the area.  The beaches are gorgeous.  The aquarium is, well, an aquarium.  Nothing special, and not very large.  If you have never been underground in a cave before, you will enjoy that part of the tour.  If you have seen caves in the U.S., you will probably be surprised by the small size of this one.  Overall value = 5

  2. Famous Homes & Hideaways Cruise -- Want to see Michael Douglas' house?  You can, and a lot more.  This is actually a pretty neat cruise, which will take you past some beautiful homes and into some areas you wouldn't normally see.  The only thing that could spoil this cruise is rain, because the boat (at least the one we were on) doesn't have any awning to protect the passengers.  We know, because we were drenched with rain for more than an hour.  Overall value (no rain) = 7, Overall value (rain) = 2.

St. Georges Shore Excursions

  1. St. George Panorama & Fort Tour -- Take this one.  You do want to see this part of Bermuda, and this tour will take you around the area and make stops at the most picturesque spots.  This is also where you will learn that Bermuda drinking water comes right down off of those white roofs when it rains and into holding tanks underneath the houses.  You will also see Fort St. Catherine (actually kind of neat), and St. David's lighthouse, which has some great photo opportunities. 
    Overall value = 9

  2. Candlelight Walking Tour -- A tie for our favorite Bermuda shore excursion.  The town crier (in costume, of course) will take you on a stroll into St. George's back streets as dusk falls, and you will learn all sorts of tidbits of history.  This one is really a lot of fun for all ages.  And the town crier?  He's the mayor of St. George!  Overall value = 10

King's Wharf Shore Excursions

  1. Bell Helmet Diving -- One of the great experiences of all of our travels, and the other tie for our favorite Bermuda shore excursion.  Go ahead and read about it in the shore excursion brochure, but it's difficult to explain.  The helmet gives you a self-contained breathing area (you can even wear your glasses) and the weight to keep you from floating to the surface.  Imagine walking around on the bottom of the ocean, feeding the fish.  No, really -- just imagine it!  In addition, the captain and crew of the diving boat were outstanding.  Overall value = 10

  2. Scenic West End & South Shore Highlights Taxi Tour -- Our taxi was a minivan, and our driver was a very knowledgeable tour guide in his own right.  We saw all of the sights of the west end, we drove through the south shore and admired the beautiful beaches, and all along the way we talked with our driver about his life and what it is like to live in Bermuda.  Overall value = 8

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Quick Travel Tips for Bermuda

Bermuda's currency is the Bermuda dollar.  The government has fixed the exchange rate as 1 to 1 with the American dollar. 
Bermuda's electricity is also the same as the U.S.  You can use all of your American appliances with no converters or adaptors in newer buildings.
Bermuda is in the Atlantic time zone, which is 1 hour later than U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
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