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One of the most beautiful countries you will probably ever visit, Bermuda is a reasonable airplane flight from major cities in the Eastern U.S.  Or, you can book a cruise that sails from one of the ports in the Middle Atlantic or Northeastern states.  Bermuda is actually a collection of more than 350 islands, with several of them key tourist spots.  Bermuda is a territory of the United Kingdom, with a governor who is appointed by the Queen, and is situated approximately 650 miles east of the North Carolina coast.  If there is only one takeaway that we could give you from our trips, it's this -- of all the places we've been, Bermuda is the one that we can honestly say far surpasses any photographs of it that you will see.

There are two main cities in Bermuda -- Hamilton and St. Georges.  Each of these has a harbor, which can only accommodate the smaller to medium size cruise ships.  Large ships can dock at a third port, King's Wharf, which was a former Royal Navy base. 

Travel Tips for Bermuda visitors

  • Avoid the mopeds.  Don't even think of renting these, unless you are a very accomplished motorcycle rider.  The combination of an unfamiliar mode of transportation, traffic circles, strange surroundings, and traffic that's on the wrong side of the road can be deadly.

  • Do drink the water.  It's safe. 

  • The locals are friendly.  Tourism is one of the major sources of income for Bermuda, and they tolerate visitors very well.  This is a very friendly, English-speaking country.

  • You will need a good map of Bermuda.  We use Mapeasy maps -- they have a tremendous amount of information and are waterproof and tear resistant.  Click here for their Bermuda map

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Cruise Tips for Bermuda

  • Shore excursions - book as many as you can afford.  This is a small country, but it's fairly spread out.  Let the tour operator drive you around.

  • Meals - if you're of the mind that food is just food, then plan on eating as many of your meals as possible on the ship.  If you want to sample one or two meals, that's fine, but be ready for "sticker shock," because restaurants in Bermuda are very expensive. 

  • If at all possible, book a cruise on a ship that docks in either Hamilton or St. Georges.  That way, you'll be able to simply walk ashore and into the sights.  The larger ships have to dock at King's Wharf, which is at the far end of civilization and is a taxicab or bus ride to everything.  And that's a taxicab or bus ride every time you want to go somewhere or do something.

  • Port side cabins give you views of the town of St. Georges, the beautiful homes on the island on the other side of the Hamilton bay, and the marina, fort and other attractions at King's Wharf.  Starboard side cabins give you views of downtown Hamilton, the harbor at St. Georges, and a vista view of Bermuda when docked at King's Wharf.

  • Do whatever you need to do to visit one or two beaches while you are in Bermuda, even if you are not into swimming.  You will remember the experience.

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Quick Travel Tips for Bermuda

Bermuda's currency is the Bermuda dollar.  The government has fixed the exchange rate as 1 to 1 with the American dollar. 
Bermuda's electricity is also the same as the U.S.  You can use all of your American appliances with no converters or adaptors in newer buildings.
Bermuda is in the Atlantic time zone, which is 1 hour later than U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
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