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Get ready to step back in time as you visit one of Europe's grand old cities.  The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is Scandinavia's largest city, and was founded in 1167.  Copenhagen has a population of 1.8 million.  This is one of our favorite cruise ports.

Our favorite attractions for Copenhagen travel:

  1. Nyhavn Canal -- the photo in our website says it all.  This is one of the most picturesque places your will ever visit, and it's fun to just linger and watch the people go by.  This will be one of your most memorable sights when you travel to Copenhagen.

  2. Little Mermaid Statue -- located in the same area as the cruise ship docks, the mermaid welcomes travel visitors to Copenhagen and has become a symbol of the city's friendliness.  It was commissioned in honor of Hans Christian Andersen.

  3. Tivoli Gardens -- supposedly Walt Disney's inspiration for the design of Disneyland.  This is a "must see" sight for your Copenhagen travel, and once you experience it you will undoubtedly recognize the similarities.  Tivoli Gardens was opened in 1843, and the city has grown up around it.  It offers a diverse experience of rides, music, live shows, midway games, and food -- just like Disneyland, or one of our modern amusement parks.  Many ships dock overnight to permit you to visit this site in the evening, when the lights are on.  Highly recommended.

  4. Architecture -- every where we looked, we found 17th and 18th century architecture.  If you are in the main square, take a few minutes to just stand and absorb the beauty of this city.

  5. The free public bicycles -- a number of Scandinavian countries have these.  They are for free use in the downtown area, and the intent is to ease traffic congestion.  They look a little unusual (see photo) which is intended to deter theft.

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Travel Tips for Copenhagen travel:

  1. You really must have a Danish pastry in Copenhagen.  We found a bakery a block or two off the main square that sold mouth watering pastry.

  2. Take some time to shop in the pedestrian mall that is just off of the main square. 

He said -- great city, fascinating architecture, and the visit to Tivoli Gardens was memorable.
She said -- my favorite port!  The Nyhavn Canal is a knockout, and Tivoli Gardens was nice and very well maintained.  We saw a mime show and a concert as we wandered through the park, and we also saw Sean Connery walking through the park. 




Quick Travel Tips for Copenhagen

Denmark's currency is the Kroner.  Click here for the XE currency converter, and click here for a free pocket currency converter you can take with you. 
Denmark's electricity is 220 volts.  Click here for converters for your appliances.
Denmark is 6 hours later than Eastern Standard Time
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