Guide to Costa Maya Travel

This port resembles one of the sites for the TV show "Survivor."  It's lush and green, with a beautiful shoreline.  The feeling here is that you are in the middle of nowhere, and in a sense, you are.  You will be happiest here if you view this as an opportunity to get off of the ship for the day and just lie on the beach.  We found two lounge chairs and just relaxed.

Costa Maya also has a good selection of shops that are located right at the beach, in a very nice, modern shopping area.  There is also an amphitheatre with periodic concerts, and a swim-up bar (see caution below).

Travel Tips for Costa Maya

  1. Don't drink the water, or eat or drink anything that is made with water or ice (including mixed drinks) -- regardless of what you see others doing.

  2. Relax - relax - relax.  Use this port to recharge.

  3. Use your common sense while in the shops, especially when looking at jewelry.  Are you sure it's a good deal?

He said -- Great port, beautiful scenery.  I could have relaxed and just listened to the surf breaking on the rocks all day (and I did!).

She said -- I loved just "vegging out," and listening to the waves.  However, as in Cozumel, I did not enjoy being hustled by the merchants as we walked through the shopping area.








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