Cruise Tips - Entertainment

  • What to do on board the ship is usually not a problem.  In fact, the problem is usually competing or overlapping activities.  Virtually all of the activities, with the exception of Bingo, are free.

  • Evening shows usually feature musicals, comedians, and miscellaneous acts.  Are they as good as what you'll find "back home?"  Quite frankly, yes.  This isn't Broadway quality entertainment, but then you aren't paying $100 per seat to see it, either, and unless you live in New York, you wouldn't be going to a Broadway show.  But it is good entertainment, and the entertainers are usually quite talented.  We saw a classical pianist on a Celebrity ship during a European cruise who was excellent.  He performed three times, and the last two were standing room only. There are usually two shows, which are structured around the two seating times for the main dining room.  Try to work this into your shipboard routine.

  • Days when you are sailing will give you the best opportunities to try out the different types of entertainment.  You can expect lectures on various topics, movies (some ships have movie theatres), audience participation games, ice carving demonstrations, dance lessons, etc.  Once again, it's almost all free (some cruise lines are charging for some of the lectures).

  • Or, you can relax on deck and catch up on your reading or sunbathing.


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