Cruises give us the opportunity to live (at least for a short time) a life of luxury, where all of our needs are anticipated and met, where we can travel the world in style and comfort, and where we don't have to watch our budgets or our waistlines.  With the increase in competition among major cruise lines, there are now (a) many more ships to choose from, and (b) ongoing competitive pricing. 

Recommended For . . .
Just about everyone.  But be aware that your enjoyment of a particular cruise can be dependent upon the rest of the passengers, the itinerary, and the weather.  Some ships are noted as "floating high school proms."  That's great if you're a high schooler, but bad if you've left teenagers at home and are trying to escape into an all-adult world for your vacation.  And if you're sensitive to sun you probably won't want to go on a Caribbean cruise.  Try to tailor your cruise to your interests and needs.

Not Recommended For . . .
Many true "Type A's" won't enjoy cruising, because they can't slow down long enough to relax.  But many of the newer ships offer unlimited Internet access in each cabin, and if you book a cabin with a veranda, you can sit back and review reports and plot strategies as the ocean slips by.

The Ships
In a word, they're gorgeous.  Look at some of the photos on the Internet sites of the major cruise lines.  Even the older ships have been rehabbed and look great.  If you stick with the major cruise lines, it's hard to find a "bad" or run-down ship. 


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