What is Travel-Tips.us?
It's a website devoted to travel.  All kinds of travel -- from bus tours to cruises, to air travel.  We want to share our experiences, our tips that we have learned, and our advice.

What are you selling?
We are not in retail sales.  We do not stock or sell any merchandise, tickets, etc. and this is not a sales site.

Are you "experts" on the subjects you are writing about?
Absolutely not.  We do, however, have some information to pass along to you that hopefully will make your travel more enjoyable.  (As an aside, we don't believe there are any real "experts" in travel.  There are just too many aspects of travel for anyone to be considered as an "expert.")

I don't agree with you about something you have written.  Are you saying I'm wrong?
No.  Just like movies, books, or anything else that is subject to individual taste, travel is very personal and part of the enjoyment is how your trip fits with your personality and expectations.   A very active person, for example, may not enjoy cruising.  The bottom line -- read what we have, try to get some good advice from it, but form your own opinions as to how it impacts you.

Can I contribute to your website?
Absolutely!  Just click here and send us an e-mail.  We would love to hear from you.



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