Guide to Frankfurt Travel

Frankfurt was heavily destroyed in World War II, and was rebuilt as a modern city that was to become the financial center of Germany.  And so it is.  Don't expect much charm or Old World ambience in Frankfurt -- it's a generic city that is functional and impressive, but not touristy.  It's also the hub for Germany's train system, and if you are staying in Frankfurt you can catch a train to virtually any destination in Europe. 

The Frankfurt airport is large and modern, but has very few restaurants, including a McDonald's and several generic airport-type restaurants.  The waiting area for each gate is set up like a cattle pen, with four foot high metal walls.  You have your ticket stamped as you enter the gate area, and then you don't leave until you board your flight.  The business class lounges are very crowded, and seating can be a problem.

We were most impressed with the main train station, with its many restaurants and stores, and with the overall efficiency of everything. 

Things that might surprise you in Germany:

  1. Smoking is freely allowed in most restaurants.

  2. People bring their dogs on the trains.

  3. Doors on public buildings (restaurants, stores, etc.) open inward.  (Due to life safety laws, American doors open outward, so a panicked crowd can simply push the door open and escape.)

  4. Soft drinks at a restaurant are often served with little or no ice.

  5. Many public toilets are pay toilets.

  6. Most, if not all, German taxis are Mercedes.

  7. What looks like pepperoni pizza is in fact salami pizza.

  8. McDonalds, Burger King, and Pizza Hut restaurants are everywhere.

  9. And yes, there are Starbucks in Germany.






Quick Travel Tips for Frankfurt

Germany's currency is the Euro.  Click here for the XE currency converter. 
Germany's electricity is 220 volts.  Click here for converters for your appliances.
Germany is in the Central European time zone, which is 6 hours later than U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
Maps of German Cities
German Train Schedules
German Tourist Board
German-English Online Dictionary


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