Travel Tips for Stockholm, Sweden

The entrance to the Stockholm harbor is through an archipelago of 24,000 islands, and an early morning arrival into this port can be one of the highlights of your cruise.  Our ship glided soundlessly through the early morning dawn, past many small islands.  At times, it seemed almost as if we were on a river. (see photos)

Larger ships will dock a short bus ride from the center of the city, and your cruise ship will provide shuttles.  Stockholm is one of our favorite ports, and is one of the most beautiful cities we have visited.

Our favorites:

  1. The architecture -- very old world and classical.  This is a very impressive city.
  2. The water -- Stockholm sits on a harbor, and we sat and just watched the people and boats go by.  The city has often been called the "Venice of the North" due to its canals and water (see photos).
  3. Gamla Stan -- literally translated, the "old city," is just over a short bridge from the downtown area, and features old streets and stone buildings.

Cruise Tips:

  1. Get up early as the ship cruises through the islands on its approach to Stockholm's harbor.  This was one of the most memorable parts of our cruise.
  2. You will dock a l-o-n-g walk from downtown, but most cruise lines run free shuttles all day.
  3. Somehow, due to the tour we took, we missed seeing the interior of the Royal Palace, and we regret that.  Try to schedule a tour that takes you to this key attraction.

Photos of Stockholm




Quick Travel Tips

Sweden's currency is the Krona (plural Kroner).  Click here for the XE currency converter. 
Sweden's electricity is 220 volts.  Click here for converters for your appliances.
Sweden is in the Central European time zone, which is 6 hours later than U.S.
Eastern Standard Time.
Map of Stockholm
Public Transportation in Stockholm
Stockholm Visitors Board
Swedish-English Online Dictionary




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