The Travel Store
During our travels around the world, we have found a variety of merchandise that made our trips easier.  We have no hesitation in recommending low cost alternatives (such as our Zip Loc bag tips), but sometimes you just have to spend a few dollars and buy the right article.  In addition to highlighting merchandise we like, we are also listing online merchants who will deliver it right to your home or office. 

Airline restrictions on weight mean that you should shop for lightweight but durable luggage.  We really like the quality and the value of the Delsey Helium Lite and Helium Breeze collections.  Regardless of what brand you purchase, you can now shop online for name brand luggage, often at substantial discounts, and have it delivered right to your door. 

Luggage & Duffels at Eddie Bauer
Irv's Luggage Warehouse 

Travel Accessories
Luggage straps, packing aids, travel clocks, toiletry kits and more -- all now available online from the following merchants. 

Irv's Luggage Warehouse

Travel Clothing
If you travel often or for extended periods of time and have to live out of your suitcase, you should visit the online stores below and look at the travel clothing and accessories they offer.

Travel Maps and Travel Guides
Need a map of Venice?  How about Phoenix?  Many of the travel maps and guides you need will probably not be available at your local bookstore, but the following merchants probably have them:
Travel Resources on Wellington Square

Airline, Cruise, Hotel, Train, and Tour Tickets
Now you can use the power of the Internet to help you set up a memorable vacation.
Grand Canyon Tour Company









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