Travel Tips for Vermont Winter Travel

Vermont has definite seasons, and each of them has its own special appeal.  We chose winter for our visit, to be able to experience the sight of snow falling in the picturesque villages and scenery of Vermont.

We'll share our experiences with you, and give you our travel tips for your visit to Vermont.

Travel to Vermont
Part of the attraction of Vermont is its lack of urban congestion, but this also means a shorter list of airports you can access if you are flying into Vermont.  The state has two primary commercial airports -- Manchester and Burlington.  Neither of these is particularly large, and an overall lack of competition between airlines flying into these airports may mean you will pay more than you expected. 
     Travel Tip -- fly into Albany, New York, which has more flights per day.  This is what we did, and we saved money on both our airline tickets and our rental car.  Albany is only 31 miles from the Vermont border, so you have only a short trip through some small New York towns (including our favorite name, Hoosick) before reaching Vermont. 

Geographical Areas of Vermont
For a small state, Vermont has diverse geography.  The southern part of the state has medium-sized mountains and lots of small villages and towns.  This is the Vermont you probably picture in your mind.  The middle part of the state has taller mountains and more ski slopes, and the northern part, near the Canadian border, has even taller mountains but fewer towns.

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