Travel Tips for Wurzburg, Germany

We visited Wurzburg primarily to see the Resdienz, the gigantic palace that took over a century to complete.  Several generations of the Schonborn family were involved in the design of the palace, which is four stories high and dominates the area.  No photos are permitted inside the building, but you can freely photograph the outside of the structure and the grounds.  That's a shame, because we would have loved to have shown you the impressive fresco on the ceiling over the main stairway.  Our verdict on this visit:  a solid hit!  This is a very impressive palace, and has many features to see.  Allow yourself some time to see the Residenz, so you can slowly walk from room to room.  We've included a fairly large number of photos of the Residenz and the grounds surrounding the building.  Click here to view them.

We arrived in Wurzburg by train from Frankfurt.  The train station is small but very modern.  Upon exiting the train station, we walked straight up Kaiserstrasse, through the main shopping area of the town.  When we reached an umbrella-looking structure (see our photos), we walked halfway around it to Theaterstrasse, which was actually just a continuation of the Kaiserstrasse.  Less than a half mile further, we arrived at the Residenz.

Following our visit to the Residenz, we walked back into the town, visiting a number of streets, the market square, and Dom St. Kilian. 

Travel tips for visiting the Residenz in Wurzburg:

  1. Carefully check the times the building is open.  This is usually 9:00am to 6:00pm April through October, and 10:00am to 4:00pm November through March.

  2. As you enter the front door of the Residenz, turn to the right and walk up the ramp to the ticket window.  After you purchase your ticket, you will walk out the left rear of the room, into the vestibule.

  3. Don't miss the Hofkirche Chapel.  It's actually part of the Residenz building, but difficult to find.  As you are standing in the parking lot facing the front of the Residenz, the chapel will be on the right hand side, almost at the end of the building.  There is a small sign near the door.  The chapel is free - no ticket is needed.

  4. Spend some time walking through the garden.  To enter, go through the gate at the far right of the Residenz.

Click Here for photos of Wurzburg, Germany and The Residenz








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